Job Openings

Let’s be part of the new generation who embrace the global changes and who changes the world! Interested personnel should send their CV directly to Prof. Shu Hu. 

New Position in in-situ/operando Spectroscopy

The capability of interrogating (photo-)catalyst/liquid interface during operationally relevant conditions is key. We currently need a postdoctoral associate with spectroscopy background developing electrochemical surface science techniques. Her/his training can be in the field of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or Materials Science. The ideal candidate would have experience with small molecule carbon catalysis and have basic understanding about how light interacts with materials. In any case, passionate candidates with relevant experience are very much encouraged.

Position in ALD Interfaces

We are currently in search of a postdoctoral associate to lead the ALD materials and characterization efforts.  The ideal candidate would have extensive experience with processing of e.g. Si and III-V materials, vapor deposition (e.g. CVD or ALD), and physiochemical characterization (e.g. TEM, optoelectronic laser spectroscopy or microscopy, electrical transport, etc.) of nanoscale semiconductors.  In any case, passionate students with experiences in semiconductor physics, materials chemistry and ultrafast carrier dynamics are very much encouraged.